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CAC Middleware

CAC Smart Card Manager-90 - Is an enterprise based middleware that works with CAC, PIV, and Java smart cards. The middleware solution developed by 90meter utilizes the Microsoft OS platform to enable smart cards natively in the OS, thus enabling Next Generation Crypto (NGC). The CAC Smart Card Manager-90 has been designed to maximize security and performance by providing all of the features you need, and none of the features you don’t. The CAC Smart Card Manager-90 minimizes CPU cycles and footprint while allowing users to switch between domains and utilize different applets on the card for authentication, signing and encrypting. Additional features include the ability to:

  • Automatically set-up MS Outlook on the desktops to sign and encrypt email
    • Limiting end user input, and help desk calls
  • Install a simple DLL into the OS and the CAC/PIV smartcard becomes fully functional
  • Push minimal middleware applications to limit end user inadvertent corruption
  • Automatically publish Public certificates to the Global Address List (GAL).
    • Immediate secure communication with GAL colleagues
  • Implement and enforce the established enterprise PIN policy.
    • Change it if you need more/less security
  • Provide feedback to the user on the status of the card.

Inadvertent corruption by network administrators, and end users are costly to the whole enterprise.  90meter has developed a set of products that “work” without all the extras.  This solution is perfect for decentralized large scale deployments in which turn over can bring communication to a halt.  Encrypting email sometimes takes time, prevent un-needed support calls by letting the average user know his/her card is working with 90meter Smart Card Manager. Smart Card Manager-90 decreases latency issues with forward deployed troops, while preventing the need for “alternative logon methods”.  Keep hardened security all the way to the workstation for logon, signing and encrypting.  Don’t let “alternative” solutions become the weakest link for attack. Smart Card Manager-90 can integrate seamlessly with Windows applications, and receive Windows security updates in real time through the Windows update model if desired.   

  • Utilize all three certificates (identity, sign, encrypt)
  • Warn users prior to expiration of certificates on the card
The Smart Card Manager-90 software is made, tested, and supported with pride by US citizens in the USA

90meter software complies with all applicable standards, including: FIPS 201-1, GSC IS 201, US DoD CAC Middleware Requirements v.3.0, GSA Basic Services Interface (BSI), GlobalPlatform, PKCS 7-12, 1024 and 2048-bit RSA, and Section 508.

90meter Smart Card Manager-90 is set up as an ala carte menu list. As our clients want more capability we deliver through a modular design, without changing the users experience. Special builds allow for easy admin set up. Trouble shooting keys allow for remote diagnostics.Logon, sign, and encrypt quickly and efficiently.

90meter supports a highly client-centric development style. Smart Card Manager-90 products are continually refined in response to feedback. 90meter software is made with pride in the USA.

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