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Dashboard Manager

90meter Dashboard Manager - 90meter, Inc. Dashboard manages the entire lifecycle of a PKI token and certificates as well as non-person entity (NPE) credentials. Dashboard is an all-in-one fully integrated into TMS, token and PKI certificate ordering system. Dashboard helps Cyber Security professionals, RAs, and Network Admins have a simple, intuitive vision into token and machine certificate lifecycles.

Dashboard Manager understands that Cyber Security professionals must maintain positive control and accountability of certificates, tokens, machines, and people. RA resources need to focus on everything from token stock to machine certificate expiration. Dashboard enables a common operational picture for RAs to enhance a strong OPSEC environment. Dashboard integrates with Active Directory forests, and LDAPs to import your deployment footprint while consuming your definitive data source information. This information is merged into one common platform for RAs, LRAs, TAs and Admins to utilize for fast and reliable decision-making.

Dashboard Manager Deploy 90meter Dashboard Manager and make certificate and token rollouts easy, while reducing errors and intelligently managing changes. Add 90meter bulk issuance to upload manufacturer delivered tokens via, CSV files to the Dashboard. Never miss another serial number.

The 90meter Dashboard Manager is made, tested, and supported with pride by US citizens in the USA.

90meter Dashboard Manager Includes the following features.

  • Fully integrated with the backend of TMS via a DoD PKI PMO approved API
  • Directory import from ANY directory service such as Active Directory, LDAP, and CSV
  • Supports multiple CAs: 90meter PKI, ISC, Entrust and Red Hat
  • Configurable (RA/LRA/TA) workflows
  • Stores no encryption material, only metadata
  • Securely enroll a token with just a few clicks of the mouse
  • Autogenerates emails with CRIs. No need to copy and paste
  • Quick visual notifications of pending/required actions
  • Token tracking – history of token status updates, who has the token, where it was issued, and when it is expiring
  • Token inventory management – ship, receive, manage
  • Management and storage of DD2842 and Token Authorization Forms
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